Cloonshee, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon, Ireland

Material for Rush Baskets and St. Brigids Crosses are collected as follows:


In the months of June and July Patricia can be seen togged out in chest waders and armed with a sickle cutting the raw material- Bulrush (botanical name Scirpus Lacustris) on the river Shannon and various lakes and rivers in the west of Ireland. The material is then dried out slowly indoors and after a number of weeks is ready for use.

Materials for Willow Baskets are collected as follows:

materials1In the months of January and February, Patricia can be seen with secateurs cutting rods along country roads. The rods must be one year saplings in order that they are pliable for weaving, like the rush, the rods are dried out slowly indoors.
Patricia’s studio is situated beside the house where she resides, at the end of a long winding lane and the designs are influenced by the surrounding rugged countryside. The characteristics of these rural crafts are passed on from generation to generation. These skills and patterns are around cultures and traditions now preserved for posterity so if you are looking for heritage authenticity and a unique Irish product contact Patricia today on 071 9637077

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